Introducing Trendway

DC Interiors is pleased to announce a new partnership with Trendway.  If you’re familiar with the office furniture business you’re familiar with Trendway and their rep in the industry for high quality furniture.  We are excited to offer this product line to our customers.

Trendway is a leader in architectural wall products.  Trendwall, Volo, and Clear Wall (soon to be renamed Volo Frameless) will have something for everyone from budget economy to high design.  If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to drywall for your office remodel, look no further than Trendway.

Panel systems are also available from Trendway.  Choices and Capture offer everything from a simple monolithic panel to a tile-and-frame customizable solution.  Both are stylish and will enhance any office with high design and functionality.

Trendway’s product line includes several casegoods styles.  They all integrate well with Choices and Capture and are perfect for outfitting your private offices.  Trig is an open office style while Intrinsic is a full laminate product.  Customize your desk with Pack storage to create the desk for you.  You can use all of the series them by themselves or mix-and-match for an all-new style.

Trendway also offers a full storage line and a wide range of seating.  Give us a call (210-521-9900) if you’d like to explore how Trendway can enhance your office.