Electrify Your Office

Connectrac is the furniture industry secret for supplying power where it’s needed.  Buying new furniture doesn’t have to mean a full office remodel just to get power and data where you require.  Connectrac’s line of products puts you in control of where you place your furniture.

Flex is Connectrac’s newest product.  This modular power system easily supplies power where you need it.  Available as in-carpet or on-carpet this is the perfect solution for training rooms, benching stations, and lounge areas.  As furniture manufacturers incorporate power in more items to provide charging stations for employees and customers, the need for more power in more locations has expanded.  Flex is your answer.  If you’re planning on new carpet, the in-carpet option provides a clean, neat solution.  If you have hard floors or don’t want to replace your carpet, the on-floor option is the perfect choice.  Either way, you can provide power to any space at any time.  (Click on the images below to view larger versions).

If you just need power for a simple installation, say your conference table needs power but you don’t have a floor monument in the center of your room, Connectrac Go is a quick solution.  GO offers tracks in two sizes that plug into a wall outlet and bring power and data to your table or desk.

Don’t let your power issues prevent you from buying new furniture or creating a new layout.  Connectrac has solutions for your power and data needs.  Give us a call (210-521-9900) and let us know how we can help electrify your office.