Working in the Time of COVID

COVID has now been a part of our lives for a year.  It has affected us in every way and the office environment has changed in ways that will be felt for decades to come.

You may have been one of millions who were forced to work from home.  You may have had to do that while also helping your child navigate Zoom classes (and more power to you).  COVID forced a massive shift in the way we work.  While working from home had been trending before the pandemic, that trend has sped up tremendously by the need to socially distance.  Many of you may not return to working in the office and work from home will become your norm.  Our vendors quickly responded to the rapidly changing work force and introduced new products specifically for your home office needs.  Click on the photos below for larger views and contact us if you’d like more information.

National Office Furniture introduced their new Etc. line in 2020.  Etc. is the most extensive work from home offering we’ve seen from our vendors.  It offers on-trend products to set you up in your home office and beyond.  These products are also available to our corporate clients and have been incorporated into Nationals co-op purchasing agreements.  Take a look and let us know which style suites you best!

Hon has also stepped up in 2020 with new offerings in their NOW quick ship collection that fit right into your home environment.  Height adjustable desks, storage, seating, they have it all.  Whether you have to setup at your kitchen island, or you have a nook to fill, you’ll find the right products for you.

Sit On It has introduced a direct-ship-to-home product line.  They’ve curated their most popular Wit and Novo chairs, Reya and Switchback desks, and ergonomic accessories into this line.  They even have online ordering with home delivery.

Whether you need a chair, a desk, or a full office in your home, let us help you setup the perfect at home work environment.

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we’ll explore COVID mitigation products in the work place.