Calibrate Your Community

AIS has expanded their popular Calibrate casegoods line with Calibrate Community™.  Community supercharges the Calibrate family by introducing a spine and accessories to provide full furniture support in an open plan environment.

Designing starts with the spine.  Choose from four depths and four heights.  The spine offers surface-height power and support from which tables, desks and storage can be attached.  From simple touch-down stations to full workstation support, you are only limited by your own imagination. Calibrate Community™ can help you define spaces and make your open plan office work for you.

It all starts with the needs of your workforce.  Calibrate Community™ offers many options for almost any need.  If you need to seat multiple workers in a limited space, create touchdown stations with center open hutches for division and PET screens for privacy and acoustics.  If you have a bit more room, create “L” stations with run-off desks and tower storage.  If you’d like to provide your employees with height adjustable desks, no problem!  Community easily integrates them into the spine.  Community can be specified to meet your exact requirements.

Community isn’t just about workstations.  It’s so much more.  Calibrate Community™ creates the perfect media wall.  Starting with a 29” Community Spine, then layering lower and upper storage, one side creates a quiet lounge area with LB Lounge.  The media wall contains all wiring and power and offers a TV/monitor mount.  The back side hosts desks for touch-down stations.

Showing how flexible Calibrate Community™ is, consider another media wall option, below.  One side can be purposed for multi-media with run-off tables for small group meetings and a lounge spot for presentations.  The back side can be used for private spaces.  AIS’ new PET Phone Booths (available Q1 2021) offer a quiet spot for individual users.  Rutland Perch stools and Volker cubes round out this space.

Fill empty spaces with furniture that works for you.  Community can create a quiet nook for focused work, or touchdown spots for guests or break time.  All while providing the technology you need right where need it.

Since Community is built on top of AIS’ existing Calibrate casegoods and tables lines, it all seamlessly integrates with your private office furniture to create a cohesive corporate style for all areas of your office.  Call us today (210-521-9900) to discuss how Calibrate Community™ can enhance your space.