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Open plan office design has been the trend in offices for some time now. Though open offices do facilitate collaboration and flexibility, they lack privacy.  Private areas are still needed for meetings and focused work.  The need for privacy for specific tasks has given rise to the pod.  Pods offer flexible private spaces without the need to build walls.  They are often mobile and can be repositioned as the needs of the office change.

Venue Industries offers several types of pods to meet your office needs.  Their YingYang Pods provide individual spaces for temporary workers, or a quiet area for focused work.  The unique shape and materials make them a stand-out in any office.  If a space for collaboration is needed, the Bondi and Honeycomb Escape Pods are just the answer. Venue’s Alistair Pods provide an architectural look that helps define office spaces while creating a private spot to meet.  Click on the images below for larger views.

Fluid Concepts offers Pods for work areas and have adapted their products to provide temporary spaces for healthcare.  Orbit Pods are individual rounded workstations with hinged sections that can be open or closed, depending on need.  Walls are low to allow light, but enclosed to show the need for privacy.  Safe Rooms offer private workspaces with doors, for a little more privacy and separation.  They are available in multiple sizes and either squared or rounded corners.  Materials can be incorporated to customize these pods to match your corporate style.  We particularly like their Protective Booths, which offer quick, reconfigurable spaces for healthcare workers and public-facing professions.

Nook Pods are modular, mobile spaces for meetings.  They come in a variety of sizes and materials with integrated technology.  Nook has a roof and side enclosure options to offer more privacy when needed.  Nook Huddle Pod is perfect for small meeting or collaboration groups.  Nook Solo Booth is a great space for anyone who needs a quiet place to focus.  Nook also stresses worker health and wellness with customized Nooks to accommodate all workers or to provide a tranquil space for a quick break.  Take a look at the images below and see the possibilities.

Swiftspace is another vendor we really like.  We’ll do a deeper dive on them in another post, but their pods fit right into this one.  The DOS Meeting Both is a perfect way to add a private meeting space with flexibility.  Available with or without a roof, these units are on heavy duty casters that allow easy movement.  Fused is a mobile workstation that is perfect for users that need a temporary place to work.  Available in several widths and heights, height adjustable surfaces can also be incorporated.  Duo is their mobile meeting booth.  The back wall can be configured with several options, including a whiteboard for meeting ideas.  Flip Carrel is truly a unique product.  It does double duty as either a single study or work carrel, or flipped down it’s a two-person work or meeting space.

If you’re looking for sleek, fully enclosed pods, take a look at Artopex’s Mute Box.  These acoustically optimized booths can be integrated anywhere in an open office. They include ventilation with high performance air flow and adjustable power.  Mute Box offers many layout and furniture options to match your booth requirements.

Our final Pod product is brought to us by Hush Office.  They offer fully enclosed pods for both single and multiple users.  These pods are fully contained and include power and ventilation.  Frequently touched surfaces are covered in an anti-virus coating.  They even offer an optional green wall to add live vegetation and color to your space.  Hush Box can be ordered with preconfigured interiors or empty for use with your own furniture – even as a musical practice space!

Pods come in all shapes and sizes and can meet many needs in your office space.  Contact us (210-521-9900) if we can help you pick the pod that’s best for you.