Welcome to GMI

GMI Companies is a family of brands you may be familiar with:  Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard.  These three brands provide quality visual products to help your company convey information and display corporate products.

DC Interiors has been a Waddell dealer for some time now.  Waddell is our go-to source for quality trophy and display cabinets.  Waddell has been manufacturing display cases for over a century.  Their products are quality crafted and made in the USA.  Their product offering includes transitional and contemporary floor cases, merchandiser cabinets, wall cabinets and floor division products.

Ghent manufactures whiteboards, glassboards, mobile boards, and corkboards.  Remember us and Ghent the next time you need markerboards. Ghent’s most exciting new product is Hex.  Hex is functional artwork.  Design your space with the Hex pieces and they double as visual communications.  In addition to wall-mounted white and glassboards, Ghent offers the Nexus Tablet which allows individual users to have their own boards and provides a neat space for storage when not in use.  The Hygienic Porcelain Mobile and Wall-Mounted Whiteboards offer next-generation writing surfaces.  These boards have an additive of micro silver particles that slowly release over the lifetime of the board, eliminating bacteria and viruses within 24 hours of contact – a self-cleaning whiteboard!  The Reed Acoustic Division is not a whiteboard, but a divider that can separate space, reduce noise, and can be customized to fit your space.  Ghent has so many products it’s impossible to show them all here.  Let us know how we can help you with your visual communications needs.

VividBoard takes Ghent’s glass & whiteboards and customizes them for institutional or corporate uses.  Changeable Glassboards are a perfect solution for patient rooms allowing English and Spanish by just rotating the insert.  VividBoard offers solutions for Patient Room & Care, Nurses Stations, Laboratories, and Materials Management in the Healthcare Space.  They are also perfect for Education and Athletics, Food and Beverage, and Corporate Marketing.  Let us know how we can help you create your perfect VividBoard!

Give us a call (210-521-9900) and let us help you find the perfect visual communications products for your company.