Hush Music Room

Get Your Pod Here

Open plan office design has been the trend in offices for some time now. Though open offices do facilitate collaboration and flexibility, they lack privacy.  Private areas are still needed for meetings and focused work.  The need for privacy for specific tasks has given rise to the pod.  Pods offer flexible private spaces without the … Continue reading "Get Your Pod Here"

Hon Preside and Flock

A New Look at Hon

We love Hon furniture.  We’ve been a dealer since 2013 and Hon has always been our first choice for workstations, task chairs, and storage.  Hon sure has come a long way since then and the last few years has been a growth period for them.  They’ve introduced new products and refreshed old product lines with … Continue reading "A New Look at Hon"

Mergeworks Notch Wall

Working in the Time of COVID – Part II

Last week we reviewed some great Work at Home furniture solutions, but our focus is designing office workspaces, so let’s talk about working in the office during COVID.  The spring of 2020 was a bit crazy for everyone.  It took us all a bit of time to get our bearings and find our new normal.  … Continue reading "Working in the Time of COVID – Part II"