Calibrate Your Community

AIS has expanded their popular Calibrate casegoods line with Calibrate Community™.  Community supercharges the Calibrate family by introducing a spine and accessories to provide full furniture support in an open plan environment. Designing starts with the spine.  Choose from four depths and four heights.  The spine offers surface-height power and support from which tables, desks … Continue reading "Calibrate Your Community"

MergeWorks Products

We’ve Got Your Screens – on GSA!

MergeWorks announced their new GSA contract this month.  We are so excited about this news!  MergeWorks has been our go-to line for all of our screen needs.  We are pleased to now be able to offer this line to our government customers. Desk dividers are a must in this day and age and MergeWorks has … Continue reading "We’ve Got Your Screens – on GSA!"

Hush Music Room

Get Your Pod Here

Open plan office design has been the trend in offices for some time now. Though open offices do facilitate collaboration and flexibility, they lack privacy.  Private areas are still needed for meetings and focused work.  The need for privacy for specific tasks has given rise to the pod.  Pods offer flexible private spaces without the … Continue reading "Get Your Pod Here"